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  • FURNITURE INSTALLATION  Fully trained installers can install a wide variety of 
        any manufacturer's furniture.

  • FURNITURE RECONFIGURATION  Fully trained installers will disassemble and
        reassemble any manufacturer's furniture.

  • TRANSPORTATION  Our trucks are available to transport your product or 

  • WAREHOUSING  We will store your materials and even logistically handle your
  •     product.

  • HEAVY EQUIPMENT MOVES  Performed by qualified full time employees. Using 
        hoist or crane.

  • EMERGENCY SERVICE  Upon a client's request, we will perform service work on
        an hourly basis.

  • COMPUTER TRANSPORTATION  Assisting customers and making sure equipment 
        is packed and protected against damage.

  • FRAME & SWITCH RELOCATION Performed by qualified full time employees.

  • FURNITURE LIFT SYSTEM   We can assist carpet companies and their installers 
        by  lifting systems furniture for their take up and installation of carpet.

  • RECORD RETENTION Let us warehouse your records at very affordable rates.

  • DISTRIBUTION  We are ready to receive and deliver all of your products to your

  • LEASE TERMINATION CLEANOUTS  Let Paul F. Federline & Sons clean out your
    space and broom clean before turning over to the Landlord.

  • LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS  We offer warehousing services support inbound logistics, 
    and complete inventory management of your product. 

  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT  Keeping track of your inventory so you don't have to.

  • LOCAL PICKUP AND DELIVERY  We ensure quality representation to you and 
        your customers by 
    becoming an extention to your company.

  • SPACE PLANNING  We will collect all of the necessary information from the 
        client and help to determine how the space should be laid
    out to best suit the needs of the customer. From initial     concepts to construction and installation.

  • COMPLETE OFFICE RELOCATION Taking you from the planning stage of your
        smallest move through the final steps of your largest move using full time 
        qualified employees.

  • DESIGN We can provide technical space planning layouts on software programs.This will      ensure proper specifications, as well as allow for visual aide.  
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